In order to attract new clients, bookmakers offer a variety of bonuses encouraging players to keep betting even despite failures.

As a rule, such bonus provides for the transfer of an insignificant sum of money into the account either for newcomers, or in case of placing the first deposit. In fact, such ‘reward’ has been widely applied by various bookmaking offices since 1996, and now there is a whole classification in dependence on their purpose.

The main types are listed below:

  • Initial Deposit Bonus – most commonly used in the betting sphere;
  • Reload Bonus – offered to players after making the first deposit;
  • Cash Back Bonus – as clear from the very title, it is set by a bookmaker in return for certain purchases;
  • Free Bet Bonus – quite similar to the first one;
  • Secret Bonus.

According to the data from the Internet, the biggest bonuses are offered on the websites: Bovada Sportsbook, BetOnline, MyBookie. ag, Skybook, and GTbets. Most of them mean you can get a 50-% bonus and, thereby, receive up to $1,000.

What bonuses to opt for?

Choosing between, let’s say, cash and free-play bonuses, one should be aware of one major difference – the first option means that a particular amount of money is already in your ‘web-pocket’, while the latter one is used solely if you have won the same sum by betting. Apparently, cash bonuses have more advantages yet are still applied on specific conditions. Remember that the main purpose of each and every bookmaking office is making profit by any means, thus do not be mistaken believing the sportsbook can easily lose lots of money.

It is also necessary to mention so called “bonus maximums”. Supposing, you are intended to bet $10,000 on a game with a possible bonus of 50%. What will be a $400 maximum to you? It makes a huge difference if compared. 

At times, one popular practice is used for minimizing risks that lays in the temporary stop of payout. 


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